Turn Browsers into Buyers with ClikToCall


Adding a ClikToCall icon to your website, emails and even printed materials is a simple way to turn lookie loos into customers. Especially for large transactions and complex purchases, people prefer speaking to you directly over chat or email. Improve customer service by engaging your customers on the channel that 80% of people world-wide prefer: voice.


How it Works


  1. A visitor clicks a call to action, or scans a QR code that you've placed on printed materials.

  2. A mobile friendly form collects the visitor's contact information and preferred call back time.

  3. Our system calls you at the number of your choice, specific to the call to action.

  4. Our system tells you who is calling, and optionally, what they are calling about.

  5. When you accept the call, our system contacts the visitor and bridges the call with you.

  6. In the background, you'll receive an email with the visitor's contact information.

  7. If the visitor supplied their email address, they'll receive a customizable follow up email.


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